Keyboarding links

Touch-typing tutorials and exercises
  • NimbleFingers (Be ready to turn the sound down.)
    - The first time, click Beginning Keys, then #1 Home Row Key.
    - Note that at the end of each line you need to press the SPACE BAR, not the Enter or Return key.
    - If the screen font size is too small, you may need to adjust the zoom level: in Internet Explorer, click View, Zoom, Zoom In a couple of times

  • Dance Mat Typing (Introduction to typing from the BBC designed for very young children but fun to use. Requires sound. There is sometimes a delay of a second or so between the end of a verbal instruction and when the student can press the key in response.)

  • Typing Tutorials
    - Choose Lessons, then start with Lesson 1

  • Peter's Online Typing Course (For a flying start: at the left, under Typing Lessons, click on Home Row, Left hand)

  • Free Online Typing Course (Click on the link to the left of the flags Try it without registering. Scroll to the bottom of the next page and click on Start Lesson 1.)

  • Keyboarding Practice
    - 17 drills and 4 tests.


Typing tests
  • Aim for the highest speed in wpm with 98% accuracy or better.


Speed fun  For once touch-typing the whole alphabet has been mastered
Keypad tutorials
Programming intro
Old current affairs


Old grade 7/8 exercises

For Grade 7/8 Computing students:


            Tasmania Online 2008.doc

            Google Directory 2008v1.doc

            Search Exercises Part 1 2009.doc

            Google News 2009

No computer access necessary:

Computing Basics Part 1

Computing Basics Part 2

Graphics terms




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